City Centre, Bus Station, Kent Station – Pedestrian, Cycle & Bus Links


Cork City Council


Kent Railway Station, Cork City

Approx. Value



Primary function of this project was to provide better quality transportation routes with increased levels of safety for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users between Cork City Centre, the Bus Station and Kent Station.

The works included:

  • Demolition of existing footways and carriageways;
  • Construction of > 6,500sq.m of new concrete and paved footways ;
  • Upgrading of signage along proposed routes;
  • Construction of > 7,000sq.m of new cycle lanes and carriageway;
  • Upgrading of traffic signals and installation of Toucan Crossings;
  • Relocation of existing drainage and installation of new drainage outlets
  • Upgrading of public lighting;
  • Application of road markings including bus lanes, cycle lanes and pedestrian crossings;
  • Significant traffic management measures