Mahon Bus Gate and Passage Greenway Access


Cork City Council


Mahon, Cork

Approx. Value



This project provides sustainable transport solutions to the existing transport network in the Mahon area. It is made up of two elements, the Mahon Bus Gate and associated works which is located on St. Michael’s Drive, Mahon and the Greenway Access Ramps, connecting the Mahon Link Road with the Passage Greenway.

Work consisted primarily of the construction of an automated Bus Gate to access the Mahon Point Shopping Centre with associated bus lane on St Michael’s Drive and the construction of two ramped cycle accesses to the Passage Greenway from the Mahon Link Road adjacent to the busy St. Michael’s Drive junction.

Generally the Bus Gate works consisted of the following:

  • Construction of a new access to the Mahon Point Shopping Centre from St Michael’s Drive with automated control to facilitate bus only entry and exit
  • Road widening works on St Michael’s Drive to allow for new bus lane
  • Reconstruction of footpaths and associated works
  • New roadmarkings, traffic signs and public lighting
  • New road drainage and utilities services ducting

Generally the Cycleway works consisted of the following:

  • Construction of two reinforced earth access ramps approx. 300m long from the Mahon Link Road to the Passage Railway Walkway
  • Construction of new stone walls and pedestrian guardrail
  • Widening of the Passage Railway Walkway
  • New public lighting, street furniture, landscaping, planting and utilities services ducting