Project Management

McGinty & O’Shea is, in essence, a project management firm. In our view, construction project management is a particularly diverse and multi-faceted field of expertise. We feel that the experience we have accumulated over our many years of operation has allowed us to develop and hone all of the disparate skills required across the various aspects of the discipline. We have a proven track record of managing large and small projects across all areas of the construction industry. A representative sample of some projects completed is available under the projects tab of this website.

McGinty & O’Shea has developed an Integrated Management Systems (IMS) which represents our core approach to our project management activities. This tool-box ensures the delivery of a standardised, cohesive product to all our clients on all our projects. The IMS approach also results in many internal benefits, with efficiencies arising from the standardised approach to our project management activities and also in clearly defining roles and responsibilities within a project team. In essence, the IMS is comprised of a series of procedures (planning) with supporting proforma (execution) which all our staff can apply as necessary through the lifecycle of our projects. The systems are organised into four broad tranches; Core, Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental, the following figure outlines the broad scope of each of these areas:

Integrated Management Approach

The systems are under constant review and revision to ensure that our work and management practices are current with legislative changes and improvements to industry best practice standards.

The McGinty & O’Shea IMS holds the following certification:
Core & Quality Management: ISO 9001:2015
Safety Management: IOSH Safe-T-Cert
Environmental Management: ISO 14001:2015