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Parnell Place Renewal Scheme


Cork City Council


Parnell Place, Cork City

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The scope of works included the reconstruction of the carriageway, construction of new footpaths, installation of new public lighting, traffic signals, roadmarkings, road signage, ducting, street furniture, landscaping and drainage improvements. Significant challenges were overcome as the works were carried out on a large (>10,000sq.m) and busy city centre site with high volumes of traffic and pedestrian movements in and around the works area.

Scope of works included the following:

- Footpaths were widened and repaved with natural stone and concrete slabs

- Utility & drainage network, street furniture, traffic signals and public lighting were renewed and upgraded

- Additional trees were planted and street furniture was renewed and upgraded

- On-street parking layout and traffic lanes were reconfigured and bus lanes created

- Surface reinstatement including coloured surfacing and imprinted asphalt